About Stem Cell Evidence Library

Stem Cell Evidence is a comprehensive collection of high quality research relevant to haematopoietic stem cell transplantation. It provides a tailored search interface, with articles pre-selected for clinical relevance and methodological quality. This enables users to easily identify high quality papers relevant to their specific area of interest and to keep up-to-date in their field.

Stem Cell Evidence is updated regularly. Each month, the most important articles in the field are highlighted and the Stem Cell Evidence Alert is sent out to subscribers. The Stem Cell Evidence Alert is a digest of the top articles for current awareness in haematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Both the Stem Cell Evidence database and the Stem Cell Evidence Alert are available free of charge.

Stem Cell Evidence aims to be a key resource worldwide for medical practitioners, clinical researchers and policy makers. It is also intended to be of value to those planning new clinical trials in the field. It is produced by the Systematic Review Initiative and funded by the four UK Blood Services and Oxford Biomedical Research Centre.

Areas Covered

Articles which meet our eligibility criteria and clinical scope are entered into the database and search filters applied to them. This enables users to refine a search using filters, or browse the database to gain an overview in a subject area. Our search filters are structured in the following way:

Methodological scope

Articles must meet strict eligibility criteria to be selected for Stem Cell Evidence. The database is limited to systematic reviews, randomised controlled trials, overviews of systematic reviews, registry based studies, and observational studies that meet minimum patient number criteria.

The Systematic Review Initiative

Stem Cell Evidence is produced by the Systematic Review Initiative (SRI), a clinical research group established by NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) in 2001 and funded through the four UK Blood Services (please see below). It is based within NHSBT's Oxford Blood Centre at the John Radcliffe Hospital and has developed close links with both the hospital and the University of Oxford.

The primary objective of the SRI is to “develop the evidence base for the practice of transfusion medicine”. So far, we have completed more than 30 systematic reviews in the transfusion field and have undertaken several other evidence-based medicine research projects, including overviews of the use of red blood cells and fresh frozen plasma. Alongside producing systematic reviews, other core activities of the group include producing the Transfusion Evidence Library and the Transfusion Evidence Alert.

The core SRI team comprises three transfusion medicine/haematology clinicians, two information specialists and two clinical researchers. It is supported by an independent steering committee consisting of representatives from relevant professional bodies and clinical experts from the UK and North America. This committee helps the SRI to identify topics and priorities for new systematic reviews and for the Transfusion Evidence Library.

Stem Cell Evidence’s Clinical Management Group is headed by Dr James Griffin, who works closely with the SRI but is independent of the group.

Using Stem Cell Evidence

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